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Ivan Leon Siler III

  • My name is Ivan Siler and I reside in Piedmont North Carolina ... 
  • I was born in Mobile, Alabama one week before Elvis Presley released "Hound Dog". 
  • My family moved all over the place while I was growing up. 
  • I took piano, tuba, and guitar lessons but never practiced enough to be any good. 
  • I sang in the United Methodist Youth Choir for years. 
  • I got hooked on Drag Racing after my first nitro funny car race in 1971. 
  • I graduated from Severna Park Senior High in Maryland in 1974. 
  • I experimented with recreational substances for awhile because I was too young for Woodstock and too old for disco. 
  • I graduated from Greensboro College in North Carolina in 1978. 
  • I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and Philosophy with an emphasis in Liberation Theology for Blacks and Women. 
  • My Father and I started the family business GO Limited in 1982. I have been self-employed as an automotive chemical distributor since then.  I'm great at what I do, got paid this week, and have a clear conscience. 
  • I worked the door as a part-time "bouncer" at Friday's, a local rock club, from 1982 - 1984.  I received a meal, $15 cash, and all the beer I could drink as payment every night. 
  • I hosted a three hour Reggae radio show at Guilford College (WQFS 90.9 FM) every Sunday afternoon for seven years. 
  • I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and discipled myself in the Spring of 1988 and have been trying to follow Him ever since. 
  • I married Sheila Ruth Palmer on April 15, 1989.  She is the love of my life and I chase her around the couch every chance I get. 
  • I played percussion in a Worship Team band for 10 years and 1500+ services.
  • We manufactured three wonderful children between 1993 and 1999 and I am especially fond of all of them. 
  • I have served in seven different local churches since 1988. 
  • I served as an Assistant Scoutmaster with The Boy Scouts from 2004-2009. 
  • I was fortunate to teach about Love from Matthew Chapter 5 on the Mount of Beatitudes in Israel in 2007. 
  • I had major back surgery after riding the Virginia Creeper Bicycle Trail in 2009. 
  • I applied to North Park Theological Seminary in December, 2010. 
  • I organized and promoted two Alternative Rock fundraiser shows in 2011 and 2012....."The Fridays Reunion" and "The Labor Day Soiree" which can be found on You Tube. 
  • I received an F in my only Masters Level Theology course "Interpreting The New Testament" in 2012. 


My life has turned out better than I ever thought it would . . . . .

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Ivan Leon Siler III


Mobile, Alabama




North Carolina


Greensboro College


Teaching, DJ